24 August 12:00 - 18:00 CEST


How big is the biggest career fair for impact startups in the Nordics right now? Not big enough. 

On the 24th of August 2021, we want to connect the ones who want to do good, with the ones doing good - inspiring people to be part of the solution!

Online, 200 impact startups and 3000+ top talents from all over the Nordics will be invited to meet for a day. Connecting in stand-up meetings, 1:1 matchmaking sessions, speaker sessions, and fireside chats.

On this day and during the whole Impact Week, we want to put the spotlight on the ones solving some of the biggest problems of our time - YOU!

Sadly, we cannot fit all startups into the online fair but at least we can squeeze in 200 of you, meaning that the first startups that sign up will get the opportunity to participate in the fair.

To summarise:

  • What: Norrsken Impact Week Talent Day - The biggest career fair in the Nordics for impact startups
  • Where: Online 
  • When: 12:00 CET August 24, 2021
  • Who: 200 impact startups and tons of top talent
  • Cost: 1500 SEK* (per startup)
  • Awesome events: Yes

    *Norrsken members and portfolio companies sign up free of charge

While waiting for more information, check out norrsken.org/impactweek

We will update you continuously with information about the day but if you have any questions that need answers right now, please contact us at talentday@norrskenfoundation.org


Niklas Adalberth
Founder of Norrsken Foundation

Dora Palfi
Co-Founder & CEO of imagiLabs

Tom Johansson
Co-founder & CEO of Hooked Foods

Isabella Palmgren
Founder and CEO of Mimbly

Sorosh Tavakoli
Co-founder & CEO of Stockeld Dreamery

Jens Helmersson
Co-founder & CEO at Quizrr

Johanna Norrman
Co-founder & CEO at It's Re:Leased

Gabriella Overödder
Executive Director of Effektiv Altruism

John Drakenberg Renander
Co-founder & CEO at Alex Therapeutics


Information about confirmed startups, speakers, etc. will be updated continuously. Want to know more about Impact Week? Check out norrsken.org/impactweek